Medications can be given in the childcare and preschool/school age setting as necessary. A registered nurse is on staff daily to provide this service, and if unavailable, a trained staff member will administer medication as needed. Medications that are given daily should be given at home, and medications that are twice a day should also be given at home if possible. Under no circumstance is a child allowed to carry medication on them or in their backpacks unless approved by their physician and the nurse for emergency medical necessity.

Any medication supplied by parents to be administered must have the originally marked labeled container and must include the child’s name and administration instructions. No medication that is past expiration date can be given. All medications on campus will be stored and locked and out of children’s reach. Controlled medications will always be kept and locked in the nurse’s office.

OTC Medications:

Over the counter medications can be given for up to 7 days. If the dose, length of time to be given or frequency is more than the label advises, a physician’s written order is required, along with a medication request form signed by the parent or legal guardian. Over the counter medications cannot be kept with student and must be provided to the school nurse, with student’s name and DOB on the medication.

Emergency Medication:

Emergency Medications such as an epi-pen, inhaler, seizure medication or diabetic management will require an action plan by the physician to be provided. A medication request form will also be completed and signed by the parent or legal guardian. Only the dose and frequency provided by physician on the medical action plan can be administered. No child should self-carry medication unless cleared by their physician and school nurse. These medications will be stored in a location that is quickly accessible and readily available.

If you are sending in a request to administer medication at school, please provide the form along with the medication to a staff member upon dropping of your child. Do not send medication in the child’s bookbag/with their belongings.

Please Note: A medication label is required for prescription medication. If you do not have a prescription label, please ask your pharmacy to reprint the label for school use. If medication is needed for the school setting and at home, the pharmacy can split medications between bottles and provide a label for both, so one can be kept at school.

Medication Administration Form